If you are interested in funny pictures, sounds, babes and games etc., my best friend has a homepage dedicated to just that.
Have a look. Here you can also find various gif animations.

Århus Hash House Harriers

And of course, if you want to learn more about hashing, have a look at the Århus Hash House Harriers.

Also some of the program I frequently use.

Homesite HTML editor

A great HTML editor that has a high degree of functionality.

Zeus editor

An editor especially made for programmers. An editor that has it all - and I really mean.... all. Very highly configurable to what ever purpose your might have.

Sygate Personal Firewall

A firewall that's free for personal use.

Avast antivirus

Antivirus software that's free for personal use.

And finally, an excellent set of commands enabling the user to make some fancy text boxes etc. on a homepage, which I have done to a wide extend.

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