Is your surname, or a part of it, by any chance also Abildtrup? Then you are very likely a part of the Abildtrup family.
A member of the family, from Denmark, is trying to put a genealogical table together. This will in near future be presented on the internet. Members of the Abildtrup family can today be found in Denmark, United States and other places yet unknown to us.
Would you like to help expand the genealogical table, the please download a form.
The form can be downloaded as:

For the time being, please fill out the form, copy it into an email and return it to Karen Abildtrup. Or, print out the form, fill it out and return it by mail to:

Karen Abildtrup
Hjulby Hegn 12
DK-8380 Trige

Later on it will be possible to fill out the form online.

The genealogical table will be presented later on, when the homepage is up and running. A homepage(only in Danish) has now been made, but it still need some work........
And for the time being it is offline!!!

Note! The information you provide will be used for the Abildtrup genealogical table only. No information will be given to any third part!